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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2015 10:00am-10:31am PST

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>> i will add only drink beer if you are at the appropriate age to do so. [laughter ] >> thank you very much. supervisor campos with our final commendation for today. >> thank you, madame president and cheers to the honorees. it is my honor and privilege to call upon a very special young man, allesandro gonzalez, i believe is here with his mom and his dad, his grandmother and i think the rest of his family.
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allesandro gonzalez. su familia. i also see our fire chief, who is here, and chief, if you could come up as well, before i turn it over to allesandro, i want to give the chief an opportunity to say a few words as well. we have heard a lot about the fire at 22nd and mission and i have spoken about this earlier in the meeting. we are here today to honor the heroism of a very special young man, allesandro gonzalez, who lives in district 9, and he displayed exceptional bravery and good judgment during the tragic fire. allesandro, who is 13 years old is in the 7th grade at edison charter academy. that day, when the fire took place and i remember -- as you may remember, i noted that
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the fire alarms were not working and a lot of people did not know there was actually a fire. so allesandro was home alone that day with his dog, buddy. when the fire began, he heard loud voices outside, didn't really know what was going on and he had the good judgment of calling 911 immediately. when he called 911, he was told by the 911 operator that there was actually a fire in his building and that he should get out. unfortunately, and this was notice just in the experience for allesandro, but for other residents of that building, he tried to open the window, but could not get the window to open. so he had the bravery and the judgement to actually break the pane, and he climbed out of the window and you have to know that this building is a 3-level/3-story building and
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that all of the housing was actually on the third floor, where allesandro was. he climbed down from the third floor to the second floor, and carrying his dog was able to actually jump to the firefighters who were there to help him. i don't know -- i have never been in a fire before, but as an adult, i can imagine that all of us would probably be scared and nervous and not really know what to do. so the fact that allesandro showed the incredible character, the quick -thinking and courage that he showed at the young age of 13 is truly impressive. not only was he calm under pressure, but he saved himself and he also saved the life of his family dog, buddy. i know that as a district supervisor, i am very proud to
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call him a district 9 resident. his parents are here, and i have a certificate to give allesandro in the hope for allesandro and his family is that very soon we will be able to find a home where they can actually permanently display this certificate. before i turn it over to allesandro, i do want to give our fire chief, who is here an opportunity to say a few words and chief, i want to once again reiterate that i think that, but for the tremendous work of your firefighters, that i think that we would be talking about more than one fatality. so chief, i will turn it over to you. i know you wanted to be here to honor allesandro. >> thank you. good afternoon, president breed, members of the board of supervisors, thank you in particular supervisor campos for acknowledging allesandro. i look forward to working with
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you and your colleague, supervisor kim, related to what you might be able to do legislatively related to making sure that we have the most safe buildings particularly residential structures in the united states and i know we're meeting tomorrow on that very subject. related to allesandro, it's a pleasure to be here. in my book, you are a true hero and i would love to have you consider a career in firefighting one day. what you did showed extreme behaviory, bravery, but also composure. you had incredible instincts and not only got yourself and your dog out safely, but alerted your neighbors to get out as well. great job and you helped us save many lives. i would also like to add there was a life lost, and i know you recognized the gentleman. we're in the business of saving lives, so it was very difficult for us. we really appreciate all that did you that evening to save
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yourself, your dog and your neighbors and i have a special coin to give you, as well as a san francisco fire department t-shirt. thank you very much for the opportunity. [ applause ] >> thank you, chief. >> i now want to turn it over to allesandro. i know his parents are here, just a few words in spanish. :allesandro, would you like to say a few words? >> i want to say thank you, because since the fire happened you have been there to help us. secondly i want to thank the
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firefighters and the cops, because they save lives all day and i think they should get a certificate for that, too. thirdly, i want to thank the community who has been donated, whether it was clothes or money or other stuff, thank you so much, because we really need it right now. thank god, because i got out, i still have somewhere it sleep and food on the table and cloths on my back, so i want to thank everybody and god. thank you. [ applause ] >> we'll take a picture with the chief.
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>> thk you again, allesandro, you are a true inspiration, thank you for coming to the meeting today. [ applause ] colleagues we're
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done with our commendations and at this time we have a 3:00 p.m. special order. so madame clerk, can you please call item no. 26 and item no. 27 excuse me, item no. 25 and item no. 26. >> pursuant it a motion approved january 13th, 2015, contained in file no. 141308, item 25 and 26 comprise the board of supervisors' convening a committee of the whole for a public hearing to consider the proposed resolution to approve the disposition of land by the office of community investment and infrastructure as the successor agency to the san francisco redevelopment agency under the transbay redevelopment plan for transbay block 9. >> thank you madame clerk and we have already addressed the item whether or not the board should meet as committee of the whole to take public comment. i
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will call on supervisor kim. >> thank you, president breed. transbay block 9, which is before us today will be the fourth block to be transferred for development pursuant to the cooperation agreement between the city oci, tjpa to facilitate the funding of the transbay terminal. the other blocks transfered to-date include blocks 6,7 and 11, including a number of affordable housing units. ocii has entered into disposition and development agreement with the developer of block 9 which provides for the sale of the parcel to the developer. the block 9 development team, which were competitively selected in 2012. the board's approval of today's disposition under the state community redevelopment law is
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the final step before closing the land sale transaction for the week of february 9th. the sale proceeds of the property will go to the transbay joint powers authority for the purpose of funding the building of transbay transit center and we have ocii to present a brief overview of the project. >> good afternoon, supervisors, president breed. i'm pam sims a development specialist in the office of community investment and infrastructure, which is the successor agency to the redevelopment agency. pursuant to the plan for the transbay redevelopment project area, the resolution before you requests the approval of the board of supervisors for the sale of the transbay block 9 site. specifically the plan states the board of supervisors shall approve the sale or lease of any property acquired by the agency pursuant to the transbay option agreement in a manner consistent with the standards and procedures that govern the agency's disposition of
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property acquired with tax increment monies and that appear in section 33433 of the california community redevelopment law. so while the tax increment funding wasn't used to acquire the site, the process is still subject to the plan requirements and the board of supervisors' approval is requested. as supervisor kim state and rfp was issued september, 2012 and a total of three proposals were received and the team represented by tmj, et cetera were selected and the ocii commission considered and approved the disposition and development agreement for this block in december, 2014. block 9 includes 545 total
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units of which 436 are market rate and 109 will be affordable units. these units will be affordable to households earning up to 50% of area median income or $48,550 for a four-person household or $43,700 for a three-person household. being subject to all of ocii's contracting policies including the small business enterprise or sbe program, block 9 as achieved 50.7 sbe participation or 6.7 million dollars in sbe participation. of the total fees 49.6% are san francisco-based sbes, 23.8% are minority business enterprise sbes and 12.3% are women business enterprise. during construction ocii sets a
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50% san francisco resident hiring goal . it's anticipated that construction will be completed in july, 2019 and here with me today are sponsor representatives charles gibson from tmj partners and also jeff, the housing program manager and shane hart both from ocii and i believe tim keller from keyser marsden and we appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at the groundbreaking. that completes the presentation and we're happy to answer any questions that you have. >> okay. supervisor kim. at this time, we will open the hearing up to public comment. if there are any members of the public who would like to provide public comment on this hearing at this time, please come forward. seeing none public comment is closed.
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okay. we will move forward with item no. 26, madame clerk, can you please call the roll. >> >> why we move forward, colleagues, i would like to reopen public comment. unfortunately i did not see the individual who is coming forward. >> thank you, tom gilberty. when there are presentations in the chamber requiring blocks of land, it would be interesting to see in the chamber on the screen what we are talking about. you know, this subject yes, and other ones, too. i would like in the presentation, if the people sitting here can actually see what we're talking about. i presume you are all much more familiar with what is going on.
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we are not. and i think a little bit of a visual presentation would be nice. thank you. >> thank you >> thank you. >> hello, my name is larry, and i am commenting on item 25 about the land and the transbay redevelopment. knowing that the redevelopment is no longer here anymore, the reservoir land city college at lake school, we need to use all of the land in the city to make sure that 90% of the reservoir at balboa want housing for all people, 90% of the people, those 12 groups want housing at the balboa reservoir. that is because city has land trust there and city college
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has as well and it's important that you take this land trust and make it available for all people in this nation. because you know one thing, san francisco, you have a history of removing people. and the land that -- we don't see anything on market street. market street is going up. we're having people who are artisans and we have speculators and we know that every piece of land in this city as the president said he was going to start working more with mayors and board of supervisors in next go years in his state of the union message. as president, we need to come here and say what is going on in san francisco which it comes to land use. actually, this is the greatest cruelty in america , when you do not let people have housing. our statue of liberty guarantees give me your tired and when we do not take
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technology and build it up for people, then we are no better than the top there. you know, i had hoped you would take this land trust, no matter if it's transbay terminal or folsom or balboa reservoir and now it's time that people not be on the street in america. homelessness is not an american thing. the first thing i saw homeless was in san diego -- >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public who would like to comment on item no. 25? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor kim. >> thank you, president breed. i just wanted to address questions from the public. i appreciate the feedback and when we have future development agreements coming before u we have blocks 5 and 8 that will be coming before the board. if we could get a visual
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presentation, so members of the public can see where the parcel is. we take it for granted because we do see that before be come to the board meeting. just to make clear block 9 is facing folsom street. i should reiterate transbay redevelopment plan, which is one supported by the state and supporting a major transportation hub set a higher mandate. we're mandated to build 35% affordable housing, a mandate by the state, which we are meeting and perhaps even exceeding. but there will be significant affordable housing throughout transbay. the one before us today is rental units for 50% of average median income.
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i had mentioned block 11, 100% for formerly homeless and we'll have units coming up before us that will be for moderate income residents for homeownership opportunities. so we're looking at a wide range of affordability within the transbay area plan. >> thank you, supervisor kim. so this hearing has been heard and is filed without objection at this time. and madame clerk, can you please call the roll on the item no. 26. >> item 26 supervisor campos? >> . >> aye campos aye. >> supervisor christiansen. >> aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> aye. >> supervisor farrell? >> aye. >> supervisor kim? >> aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> supervisor tang? >> aye. >> supervisor wiener? >> aye. >> supervisor yee? >> aye. >> supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> supervisor breed? >> aye. >> there are eleven ayes.
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>> this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, can you please go to roll call for introduction >>although, supervisor kim you wanted to speak on the business introduced by supervisor campos. >> yes. thank you, madame clerk. as supervisor campos had spoken in great detail about we did have three major fires, residential fires in san francisco this past week, two of which were in district 9 and district 6, which i represent. just wanted to alert members of the public in terms of what has occurred, in the tenderloin, we did have a fire at 642 hyde street, six households were displaced, including one family with three young kids. i do really want to appreciate supervisor campos' office and the city for working together so quickly to mobilize and ensure that tenants had access to legal information and referrals to create their own
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individual recovery plans. i know that supervisor campos' office did arrange a meeting and they invited our tenderloin tenants as well to be able to meet with sfmta and meet with the department of building inspection and to meet with the fire department and other various entities at one meeting to get the information that was needed. whether it was cars towed because the car keys were in the unit at the time the fire happened, down to even getting immigration papers and work permits if they lost those in the fire. it was an incredible meeting last night and i want to acknowledge supervisor campos' office. it's absolutely critical that we do more. for example, i met a pediatric cancer ward nurse with two children who attend our public schools in the city, a construction worker helping to build the transbay terminal, which we just talked about in the last item and esl
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teacher and many others who have lost everything now and are struggling to find a way to recreate their homes and lives. the city can and much do more to ensure that we don't have housing units taken offline any longer than is necessary. we have had a couple of major fires now in our district and we found there are varying times which rehabilitation occurs. sometimes it happens quickly and property owners are diligent about getting the units back online and offering the legal right of return to tenants and we have also seen cases where property owners have lagged on repairing their buildings we think in hope that tenants will find other homes. we want to make sure these natural disasters are not an opportunity for property owners to speculate and capitalize on this current market and therefore, losing current tenants to higher-market rate tenants. so our office is
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exploring legislationion that would both incentive and penalize on the expedition of the repair in order to return to homes that are damaged by natural disaster or accidents as quickly as possible to the tenants that have lived there. we look forward to sharing the details of the legislation with colleagues, soon and certainly at the press conference on thursday. i just wanted to reiterate, because we have gotten emails from members of the public in terms of how they can help. the best way can you help is through financial donations, versus donated used clothes and furniture, what the families and residents need is a flexible way to reestablish their lives. an example, our tenant lost work tools that were used. there is a go fundme account
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and rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor christiansen. go >> i'm introducing a resolution for the grant from the california recreation park facilities for $3 million. the state department of housing and community development issued notice of funding availability last december as part of its housing-related parks program. it's a formula grant based on the number of low-income units constructed between 2010 and 2014. with bonus dollars available for infill projects and those in disadvantaged and park-deficient communities, of which we have many. the rec and park department and mayor's office and planning
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department are evaluating those areas that meet the funding criteria and focusing on recreation facilities including community centers. the rec and park department is seeking our approval via this resolution to apply up to $3 million through the grant program. grants of all types help to augment city projects, and it's a delight to be able to find yet another source of potential income for valuable city projects. the rest of submit. >> thank you. supervisor cohen. >> thank you, i'm introducing resolution for legislative analyst's office to fund vacant positions in our city departments. i'm sure you have been approached by departments in preparation of our budget process and asked to support additional positions or supplemental appropriation requests for urgent funding.
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for key initiatives in our city. only to have those same department heads come back a year later, and say they have not been able to hire to fill these vacant positions. i can't tell you how many time s i have worked to secure funding for programs that are important to residents and departments still take months to -- it shouldn't take months to hire people to fill vacant positions that we already allocated funding for. i would like for the budget and legislative analyst to focus on a few areas of specific areas of inquiry. first the average time that it takes per department to fill an approved vacant position? second, the number of approved,
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budgeted positions that are currently vacant? third, identify problem classification or departments where positions are not timely filled? fourth, outline the steps dhr requires in filling positions and identifying deficiencies. 5th, detail the priorities for which positions are filled first? for example, public safety and then 6th and final point is i'm asking the budget and legislative analyst to identify department if human resources keeps track of ethnicities of employees and what classifications they are in, to see if they are looking in diversity in any of our key departments? this is something that i hear constantly from folk who apply for positions who have either been denied or heard nothing at
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all. it really impedes our ability to implement programs that benefit the residents of this city. and it also severely limits our ability to attract, promote and of course retain highly qualified workers. madame president, the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. >> thank you, madame clerk. colleagues this past thursday our federal hud secretary and governor jerry brown were in san francisco to announce their intentions to establish a multi-family pace pilot in partnership with the macarthur foundation. this will enable upgrades for properties within the hud portfolio, california department of housing and community development and california housing finance agency's portfolios. hudson secretary castro also issued the circumstances under which hud can approve pace funding in california.
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you may recall last year we introduced a resolution that i appreciated everyone's support here at the board of supervisors to relaunch our pace financing program in san francisco. it should be up and runing this march. and last thursday's announcement was particularly encouraging because it was the first time since the recession hit in 2008 that a federal department was willing to sanction pace programming and finance under certain circumstances. today i'm introducing a resolution and i want to thank all of the departments for working with me on this; urging a number of our city departments to pursue pace financing for similarly energy-efficient upgrades to our current housing portfolio in san francisco for multi-family buildings, including the mayor's office of housing, et cetera. again pace is the financing mechanism that addresses the barriers to funding a lot of these


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